I love you with all of my art.

Short, blue eyed, hair dyed, anime fan, Kingdom Hearts obsessed, artist named Meg.  

Lvl 18 in life.
-Status- In a relationship♥
-Religion- Secular Humanist / Antitheistic Atheist
-Location- MA.

♥Poetry is my passion ♥


Love tea♡ ·Drug free· Straight Edge xxx 

-Music- Metal, Post Hardcore, Rave, Dubstep, Acoustic, Alternative, Psychedelic Rock.
E.g: Some of my favs are:
-We Came As Romans
-Enter Shikari
-Arctic Monkeys
-Neutral Milk Hotel
-Brand New
-Three Days Grace
-Framing Hanley
-Devour the Day

~ Munchkin, Alphonse, and Noface. That's love.

What doesn't kill you gives you more exp. points.

-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Ano Hana
-Attack on Titan

-Kingdom Hearts
-Dark Cloud
-World of Warcraft
-Harvest Moon

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Instagram- @princesslucimeg

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