This, too, shall pass.

Identity- Meg

Age- 17

Status- Confidential

Religion- Secular Humanist

Hair- Colorful

Eyes- Blue/Grey

Height- 4'10'' 1/2

Weight- ~100lbs

Location- MA.

Music- Metal, Post Hardcore, Rave, Dubstep

Munchkin, Alphonse, and Noface. That's what love is.

Straightedge XX

-Kingdom Hearts
-Dark Cloud

I also like to draw, write poetry, read, and occasionally make Kandi.

Honestly, a lot of things piss me off...



Instagram- @princesslucimeg

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Doesn’t matter. I’m yours.


Doesn’t matter. I’m yours.

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When it happens it’s like the impact of a semi hitting you head on. You think you are dead almost at first but you are merely broken into little tiny pieces. Like your heart. Severed beyond repair. They say it’s inevitable. Either you break theirs or they break yours. It is bound to happen. Like that semi didn’t mean to hit you there was simply a malfunction with the engine. It didn’t mean to hit you, but it did.
I think that’s part of life to love and be loved and get your heart broken and break a few hearts even if you did not intend on either. But every little heart break makes your stronger and weaker at the same time. It’s a bit of a contradiction. Your heart can break out of love or when you don’t get that job your longed for or when you simply feel your life long friends growing apart. And each god damned break gets harder.
But baby you have to learn to love so fucking hard. It feels like maybe if I love this person so hard with every fiber of my being they cannot break me and I cannot break them. But darling, you will soon learn it simply does not work that way. Because maybe your lover wont break your heart and you won’t break your lovers. But what if your lover dies? What if that fucking metaphorical semi crashes into your lovers car head on and they die upon impact? You will break out of sorrow and sadness and loss for some wonderful human being who meant so fucking much to you.
Be not afraid to love because of the bad things that may happen the accidental heartbreaking that could happen but love because of the good things that can come of it waking up next to someone you love and feeling the warmth of their body and the belly laughs you two have over oh so stupid things and how you look at one another with such care and joy and passion. Be not afraid to love. But when you love, love so fucking hard.
The truth about heartbreaks (m.a.b)

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